Sunday, October 28, 2018

High School Results, October 2018 at Waddell

Team v team:
Santa Cruz (64) defeated SC Mountain (41)
Soquel (59) defeated Marin (43)
Half Moon Bay (59) defeated Aptos (44)

Men’s Shortboard final
1               Luca Padua                           Half Moon Bay
2               AJ Menna                              Soquel
3               Ryan Bair                               Half Moon Bay
4               Ryan McFadden                    Aptos     
5               Rex Hill                                    Marin    
6               Jack Henderson                     Soquel                    

Women’s Shortboard final
1               Keanna Miller                       Santa Cruz
2               Emma Stone                         Half Moon Bay
3               Ella Catalona-Dockins         Half Moon Bay
4               Sarah Burrell                         Soquel
5               Nohemi Kawasaki                Santa Cruz Mountain
6               Amaya Grabiel                      Santa Cruz

Men’s Longboard final
1               Clay Johnson                        Half Moon Bay 
2               AJ Menna                              Soquel
3               Ryan McFadden                   Aptos
4               Kaleb Martin                         Soquel                    
5               Ethan Swergold                    Marin    
6               Brock Johnson                      Soquel

Women’s Longboard final
1               Esme Brigham                      Santa Cruz  
2               Emma Stone                         Half Moon Bay
3               Ella Catalona-Dockins         Half Moon Bay
4               Sarah Burrell                        Soquel 
5               Sarah Conway                      Santa Cruz Mountain
6               Nohemi Kawasaki               Santa Cruz Mountain

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Monday, April 23, 2018

2017 / 2018 Season Awards

Awards Party
High School and Middle School 

Tuesday, May 1st
6:30 - 8:00
   pizza at 6:30
    awards at 7:00
Harvey West Clubhouse 
326 Evergreen St, Santa Cruz

Please join us for our end of the year celebration
with pizza, team and individual 
awards, and a group league photo.

Monday, March 19, 2018

High school results, March 2018 at Manresa

Team v team:
Santa Cruz Mountain (62) defeated Aptos (28)
Santa Cruz (53) defeated Soquel (32)
Half Moon Bay (57) defeated Marin (42)

Men’s Shortboard final
1               Sam Coffey                          Santa Cruz
2               Alex Rosenthal                    Soquel
3               AJ Menna                             Soquel
4               Clay Johnson                       Half Moon Bay  
5               Alo Slebir                              Santa Cruz                             
6               Liam Cleary                          Santa Cruz Mountain                       

Women’s Shortboard final
1               Esme Brigham                      Santa Cruz
2               Emma Stone                         Half Moon Bay
3               Keanna Levin                        Marin
4               Ella Catalona-Dockens        Half Moon Bay
5               Sierena Kaempf                    Santa Cruz
6               Nicola Kaminski                    Santa Cruz Mountain

Men’s Longboard final
1               Sam Coffey                            Santa Cruz
2               Clay Johnson                         Half Moon Bay
3               Dayton Lindsey                     Half Moon Bay
4               AJ Menna                               Soquel                   
5               Jon Halstead                          Aptos
6               Alo Slebir                                Santa Cruz           

Women’s Longboard final
1               Esme Brigham                      Santa Cruz
2               Sirena Kaempf                      Santa Cruz
3               Emma Stone                         Half Moon Bay
4               Ella Catalona-Dockens        Half Moon Bay
5               Nicola Kaminski                   Santa Cruz Mountain
6               Nohemi Kawasaki                Santa Cruz Mountain

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Middle school results, March 2018 at Manresa

Team v team:
New Brighton (62) defeated Aptos (38)
Santa Cruz Mountain (49) defeated Half Moon Bay (46)
Mission Hill (64) defeated Shoreline (41)

Boy’s Shortboard final
1               Tyler Bonner                    Shoreline
2               Tyler Chin                         Santa Cruz Mountain
3               Aki Goonetilleke              New Brighton
4               Reef Bennett                    Mission Hill        
5               Riley Auble                        Mission Hill                                            
6               Dex Tribble                        Half Moon Bay                                                        

Girl’s Shortboard final
1               Keanna Miller                    Mission Hill                          
2               Zoe Chait                            Half Moon Bay
3               Gianna Fuller                     Mission Hill
4               Sarah Burrell                      New Brighton
5               Rell Haywood                     Mission Hill
6               Raymi Sharp                       Half Moon Bay

Boy’s Longboard final
1               Tyler Chin                            Santa Cruz Mountain
2               Xander Mehl                       Mission Hill
3               Ian Martin                           New Brighton
4               Quintin Shuman                 Mission Hill                          
5               Carlo DeSilva                       Mission Hill        
6               John Paul Henderson         Shoreline

Girl’s Longboard final
1               Keanna Miller                     Mission Hill
2               Gianna Fuller                      Mission Hill
3               Sae Ackerstein                    Mission Hill
4               Rell Haywood                     Mission Hill
5               Sienna Pfluke                      Mission Hill
6               Leah Murphy                      New Brighton

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March 2018 contests

The contests this weekend will be:
    Saturday, March 17 at the Hook for the middle schools
    Sunday, March 18 at Manresa for the high schools

Start time is 8:00 both days.