Tuesday, February 23, 2021

City of Santa Cruz Lifeguard tryouts

This is an amazing job opportunity for those that are interested in marine recue, public safety, and working in an outdoor social environment.  Lifeguard 1 serves as a promising start for those interested in future careers in firefighting, healthcare, education, and parks & recreation amongst others.  It is also the first step in becoming a Junior Lifeguard Instructor.

Feel free to contact Marine Safety Captain Dara Herrick (dherrick@cityofsantacruz.com) with any questions.  

For the complete job description and information about how to apply please see:





Wednesday, June 3, 2020

2019 / 2020 Season Champions


201Team and Individual Season Champions!
High School Team Champions     
Half Moon Bay
Santa Cruz

High School Individual Champions
Men's Shortboard
1  Tyler Chin   Santa Cruz
2  Eduardo Spadoni   Soquel
3  Dedon Prince   Half Moon Bay
4  Jack Henderson   Soquel
5  Marcus Palau   SC Mountain
6  John Paul Henderson   Soquel
Women's Shortboard
1  Emma Stone   Half Moon Bay
2  Skye Davies   SC Mountain
3  Keanna Miller   Santa Cruz
4  Sirena Kaempf   Santa Cruz
5  Georgia Lockwood   Marin
6  Gabby Giuffre   Aptos
Men's Longboard
1  Dayton Lindsey   Half Moon Bay
2  Cade Martin-Hansen      SC Mountain
3  Dedon Prince   Half Moon Bay
4  Jack Rice   Aptos
5  Jack Henderson   Soquel
6  Calum Jeffrey   Santa Cruz (tie)
6  Xander Mehl   Santa Cruz (tie)
Women's Longboard
1  Faith BartlettSanta Cruz
2  Emma StoneHalf Moon Bay
3  Skye DaviesSC Mountain
4  Tessa DaRosaHalf Moon Bay
5  Keanna MillerSanta Cruz
6  Sirena KaempfSanta Cruz


Middle School Team Champions     
New Brighton
Mission Hill

Middle School Individual Champions

Boy's Shortboard
1  Jackson Taylor   New Brighton
2  Adam Bartlett   Mission Hill 
3  Stryder Stelck   New Brighton
4  James Daniel   New Brighton
5  Riley Auble   Mission Hill 
6  Reef Bennett   Mission Hill 
Girl's Shortboard
1  Zoe Chait   Half Moon Bay
2  Maddie Storrer    New Brighton
3  Holly Hegna   Aptos
4  Gabriella Huddleston   Shoreline
5  Maya Saunders   New Brighton
6  Maddy Price   New Brighton
Boy's Longboard
1  Adam Bartlett   Mission Hill 
2  Braden Ward   Aptos
3  Brody Chait   Half Moon Bay
4  Bucky Jameson   New Brighton
5  Jonah Susskind   Mission Hill 
6  Riley Auble   Mission Hill 
Girl's Longboard
1  Maddie Storrer   New Brighton
2  Zoe Chait   Half Moon Bay
3  Holly Hegna    Aptos
4  Charlotte Bakum   New Brighton
5  Zoeann Watson   Mission Hill 
6  Leah Murphy   New Brighton

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