Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Results, 2016 / 2017 MS Contest #2

  12/11/16 at Pleasure Point

Team v Team Results
SC Mountain (61) defeated Shoreline (38)
New Brighton (70) defeated Half Moon Bay (33)
Mission Hill (75) defeated Aptos (11)

Boy's Shortboard Final
MHCole Sandman1
NBJack Conti2
SCMJonah Shannon3
NBJosh Klaric4
SHTyler Bonner5
SHJack Henderson6
Girl's Shortboard Final
MHKeana Miller1
NBSarah Burrell2
SCMSkye Davies3
SCMKylie Walsh4
NBKelsey Matthies5
NBTorie Aguliera6
Boy's Longboard Final
MH    Cole Sandman        

MHGavin Mazzia2
SCMRy Champagne3
SHJack Henderson4
SCMJonah Shannon5
SHTyler Bonner6
Girl's Longboard Final
MHKeanna Miller1
NBMaddie Piona2
NBEva Claussen3
MHGianna Fuller4
NBKelsey Matthies5
SCMKylie Walsh6

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Contests rescheduled

The cancelled contests on November 19th and 20th have been rescheduled.  The new dates are December 10th and 11th.    Same location: Pleasure Point and / or the Hook.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Contests Cancelled

Unfortunately conditions for this weekend, November 19 and 20, are deteriorating.  The forecast is for rain and strong south winds and it's unlikely that there will be a large enough window of contestable surf to run.

The contests this weekend are CANCELLED.  Make up dates to be determined. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Results, 2016 / 2017 HS and MS Contest #1

  11/6/16 at Capitola

Team v Team Results
Santa Cruz (66) defeated HMB (38)
Aptos (63) defeated SC Mountain (41)
Soquel had a bye

Men's Shortboard Final
SC Sam Coffey 1
SQ AJ Menna 2
SC  Fisher Baxter 3
SQ Zac Proctor 4
SC Brydan Montgomery 5
SQ Lucas Bredy 6
Women's Shortboard Final
SC Autumn Hays 1
SC Eden Edwards 2
SC Sirena Kaempf 3
HMB Emma Stone 4
SQ Leahi Johsens 5
APT Gabby Giuffre 6
Men's Longboard Final
SC  Sam Coffey 1
SQ Cooper White 2
HMB Clay Johnson 3
SQ AJ Menna 4
SQ Greg McMillan 5
APT Jack Hegerly 6
Women's Longboard Final
SC Autumn Hays 1
SC Esme Brigham 2
SQ Ally Menna 3
SC Eden Edwards 4
SC Sirena Kaempf 5
SCM Casey Walsh 6


  11/5/16 at Capitola

Team v Team Results
Mission Hill (68.5) defeated HMB (24.5)
New Brighton (57) defeated SC Mountain (46)
Aptos (53) defeated Shoreline (44)

Boy's Shortboard Final
NB Brock Johnson 1
NB Kaleb Martin 2
SH Jack Henderson 3
MH Quintin Shuman 4
HMB Dedon Prince 5
NB Aki Goonetilleke 6
Girl's Shortboard Final
MH Keana Miller 1
NB Sarah Burrell 2
SCM Skye Davies 3
NB Maddie Piona 4
NB Eva Claussen 5
APT Presley Bower-Childers 6
Boy's Longboard Final
MH Cole Sandman 1
SH Jack Henderson 2
NB Sawyer Claussen 3
MH Gavin Mazzia 4
SH John Paul Henderson 5
Girl's Longboard Final
MH Keanna Miller 1
NB Maddie Piona 2
SQ Kylie Walsh 3
MH Sae Ackerstein 4
NB Kelsey Matthies 5
MH Gianna Fuller 6

High School Contest moved to Capitola

The High School contest today has been moved from the Hook to Capitola!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Contests moved to Capitola (MS) and the Hook (HS)

The contests this weekend have been moved from Waddell due to conditions.

Middle School teams will compete at Capitola on Saturday, start time is 8:00.

High School teams will compete at the Hook on Sunday, start time is 7:00.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

O'Neill / LQID fundraiser for the SCSSL

O'Neill Surf Shop is hosting a fundraiser for the SC SSL featuring a slide show by legendary surf photographer  Dave "Nelly" Nelson.  Proceeds from all raffle ticket and food sales benefit the league so it's a great way to show your support. See you there!