Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January contests at the Hook

The contests this weekend will be at the Hook!
High schools compete on Saturday, middle schools compete on Sunday.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Middle School Results, November 2017 at Waddell

Team v team:
Shoreline (73) defeated Santa Cruz Mountain (26)
New Brighton (61) defeated Half Moon Bay (43)
Mission Hill (75) defeated Aptos (27)

Men’s Shortboard final
1               Tyler Holden                        New Brighton  
2               Jack Conti                             New Brighton 
3               Jonah Susskind                    Mission Hill
4               Dedon Prince                       Half Moon Bay  
5               Bodhi Trang                          Mission Hill                                            
6               Xander Mehl                        Mission Hill                                                              

Women’s Shortboard final
1               Keanna Miller                      Mission Hill                          
2               Zoe Chait                              Half Moon Bay
3               Sarah Burrell                        New Brighton 
4               Rell Haywood                      Mission Hill
5               Addie Lane                           Shoreline
6               Gabriella Huddleston         Shoreline

Men’s Longboard final
1               Dedon Prince                       Half Moon Bay
2               Xander Mehl                        Mission Hill
3               Noah Wagner-Jauregg       Mission Hill
4               Tyler Chin                             Santa Cruz Mountain                       
5               Reef Bennet                         Mission Hill        
6               John Paul Henderson         Shoreline

Women’s Longboard final
1               Keanna Miller                     Mission Hill
2               Amaya Grabiel                    Mission Hill
3               Raymi Sharp                        Half Moon Bay
4               Gianna Fuller                      Mission Hill
5               Sae Ackerstein                    Mission Hill

6               Leah Murphy                      New Brighton

Saturday, November 18, 2017

High School Results, November 2017 at Waddell

Team v team:
Soquel (56) defeated Aptos (39)
Half Moon Bay (59) defeated Santa Cruz Mountain (45)
Santa Cruz (54) defeated Marin (49)

Men’s Shortboard final
1               Santiago Hart                     Soquel
2               Alex Rosenthal                   Soquel 
3               Koya Oki                              Aptos
4               Luca Padua                         Half Moon Bay  
5               AJ Menna                            Soquel                   
6               Alo Slebir                             Santa Cruz                             

Women’s Shortboard final
1               Emma Stone                        Half Moon Bay
2               Sirena Kaempf                     Santa Cruz 
3               Esme Brigham                     Santa Cruz
4               Ireland Conti                        Soquel
5               Apple Hart                           Santa Cruz Mountain
6               Gabby Giuffre                      Aptos

Men’s Longboard final
1               Sam Coffey                           Santa Cruz
2               Clay Johnson                        Half Moon Bay
3               Zealand Hunter                    Soquel
4               Jack Henderson                    Soquel                   
5               Henry Madson                     Soquel
6               Dayton Lindsey                     Half Moon Bay  

Women’s Longboard final
1               Sirena Kaempf                    Santa Cruz 
2               Esme Brigham                    Santa Cruz
3               Emma Stone                       Half Moon Bay
4               Bianca Dootson                  Aptos
5               Ireland Conti                       Soquel
6               Shiori Oki                             Aptos

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Contests moved to Waddell

The contests this weekend have been moved from Pleasure Point / the Hook to Waddell!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

High School Results, October 2017 at Capitola

Team v team:
Santa Cruz (69) defeated Santa Cruz Mountain (36)
Soquel (49) defeated Marin (25)
Aptos (59) defeated Half Moon Bay (49)

Men’s Shortboard final
1               Zealand Hunter                 Soquel
2               Santiago Hart                    Soquel 
3               Noah Brigham                   Santa Cruz
4               Ryan McFadden                Aptos    
5               Lucas Bredy                       Soquel                   
6               Rex Hill                                Marin                     

Women’s Shortboard final
1               Emma Stone                       Half Moon Bay
2               Eden Edwards                     Santa Cruz 
3               Esme Brigham                    Santa Cruz
4               Sirena Kaempf                    Santa Cruz
5               Ireland Conti                       Soquel
6               Gabby Giuffre                     Aptos

Men’s Longboard final
1               Clay Johnson                       Half Moon Bay
2               Ryan McFadden                  Aptos
3               Zealand Hunter                   Soquel
4               Cole Sandman                     Santa Cruz                             
5               Jack Rice                               Aptos
6               Quinn Comer                       Santa Cruz           

Women’s Longboard final
1               Bianca Dootson                 Aptos
2               Casey Walsh                       Santa Cruz Mountain
3               Esme Brigham                    Santa Cruz
4               Ireland Conti                       Soquel
5               Emma Stone                       Half Moon Bay
6               Sirena Kaempf                    Santa Cruz