Sunday, February 25, 2018

Middle school results, February 2018 at the Lane

Team v team:
Mission Hill (67) defeated New Brighton (37)
Half Moon Bay (60) defeated Shoreline (44)
Santa Cruz Mountain (51.5) defeated Aptos (46.5)

Boy’s Shortboard final
1               Tyler Bonner                       Shoreline
2               Tyler Chin                            Santa Cruz Mountain
3               John Paul Henderson        Shoreline
4               Dedon Prince                      Half Moon Bay  
5               Xander Mehl                       Mission Hill                                            
6               Reef Bennett                       Mission Hill                                                              

Girl’s Shortboard final
1               Keanna Miller                      Mission Hill                          
2               Amaya Grabiel                     Mission Hill
3               Sarah Burrell                        New Brighton
4               Gianna Fuller                       Mission Hill
5               Zoe Chait                              Half Moon Bay
6               Sae Ackerstein                     Mission Hill

Boy’s Longboard final
1               Quintin Shuman                  Mission Hill
2               Tyler Chin                             Santa Cruz Mountain
3               Xander Mehl                        Mission Hill
4               John Paul Henderson         Shoreline                               
5               Dedon Prince                       Half Moon Bay  
6               Dex Tribble                           Half Moon Bay

Girl’s Longboard final
1               Keanna Miller                     Mission Hill
2               Amaya Grabiel                    Mission Hill
3               Rell Haywood                      Mission Hill
4               Sae Ackerstein                    Mission Hill
5               Zoe Chait                             Half Moon Bay
6               Sienna Pfluke                      Mission Hill

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