Monday, December 10, 2018

Middle School results, December 2018 at the Hook

Team v team:
Mission Hill (67) defeated Half Moon Bay (37)
New Brighton (bye) 
Aptos (59) defeated Shoreline (39)

Boy’s Shortboard final
1               Jackson Taylor                     New Brighton
2               James Daniel                       New Brighton     
3               Luca Desilva                         New Brighton
4               Reef Bennett                      Mission Hill         
5               Riley Auble                           Mission Hill                                             
6               Andrew Cox                         Aptos                                                           

Girl’s Shortboard final
1               Zoe Chait                                Half Moon Bay                     
2               Maddie Storrer                      New Brighton
3               Maya Saunders                      New Brighton 
4               Faith Bartlett                        Mission Hill
5               Ava Burke                               Aptos
6               Maddy Price                          New Brighton

Boy’s Longboard final
1               Jonah Susskind                      Mission Hill
2               Dedon Prince                         Half Moon Bay
3               Tavyn Chandler                      Shoreline
4               Adam Bartlett                       Mission Hill                           
5               Luke English                           New Brighton     
6               Conner Guarde                      New Brighton

Girl’s Longboard final
1               Maddie Storrer                    New Brighton 
2               Faith Bartlett                       Mission Hill
3               Sae Ackerstein                     Mission Hill
4               Maddy Price                         New Brighton 
5               Maya Saunders                    New Brighton
6               Ramey Sharp                        Half Moon Bay

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